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What your?


What is it that you are trying prepare to achieve when a candidate come through our Alucm Staffing and Temp Service is opportune to work and to gain a fill time permanent position. Each Candidate mush be willing to work hard and be prepare in order to become successful in our program and we think that is a part of life as a candidate those who are seeking employment must be ready to work. Remember that work is something that we all need in today society to feed our family and ourselves.

When you are preparing for a job it means that what kind of skills and talent do you have. That is to say to preform the job do you have the knowledge to get the job done and the prove of your education or training that you need to be place the position for the job. If there is training.

At Alucm, we see that when you prepare your self it will soon pay off for you. Therefore, planing is the best way to seeing a brighter future in the world of workforce. Things are changing everyday, so why wait to make this changing at the last minus. When you make the change now.

Employee’s Seeking Work


If you would like to be a candidate for seeking work then give our a call to set up appointment time for  you. You may call us at 601 201-5796.

We’re ready to find you a great Job? Are you ready to work?


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stock-photo-search-jobs-using-internet-detail-of-web-page-80519269 stock-photo-young-businessman-holding-sign-looking-for-a-job-48556021Are you looking for a job? Then we are recruiting for individual to be apart of our staffing team. You can email your or call us about the position that we have available for your job search. Come be apart of a growing employment agency. You can call us 601 201-5796.